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Hegazy & Partners is a Cairo-based international law firm providing a broad range of legal services to a diverse Egyptian, regional and international clientele. Our main practice areas include domestic and cross-border corporate transactions, banking and finance, government contracts and international litigation and arbitration. Our experience enables us to understand the concerns of our international clients and allows us to offer legal solutions that not only meet their objectives at the local level, but also meet their regional or global aspirations. The firm is also internationally recognized as one of the leading firms in Islamic finance.

Our lawyers make it a point to learn about a client’s priorities, concerns and business in order to carefully tailor our advice for each client, so as to most effectively and efficiently achieve its goals. Relying on our knowledge, together with our exceptional skills and extensive experience, we are able to anticipate the likely moves and responses of government agencies and other relevant parties and assist our clients in their strategic planning to successfully manage the outcome, whether it is at the international, regional or national level.

Our international and regional experience gives us a leading advantage. One of the main points of strength of the firm lies in knowing where it can quickly and effectively find best-in-class assistance from law firms with whom we have successfully teamed, in some cases, for decades. Every transaction, dispute or counselling exercise has different requirements and dimensions depending on the jurisdiction in question. Thus, we seek out the best law firms in the particular areas of a client’s business and legal needs. Our network of contacts and relations in the regional legal community enables us to fulfill our clients’ needs, regardless of the complexity and issues of the jurisdiction involved.