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Egyptian Paper Tax Card To Be Replaced With The Magnetic Card

The Egyptian Tax Authority has suspended any dealings through paper tax card and replaced it with the magnetic card (Smart Card).  On the such account, the Head of the Egyptian Tax Authority has confirmed that the paper tax card for both importers and exporters shall be suspended in any dealings with the Customs Department, effective on December 31th, […]

CLIENT ALERT: Effects of the new Egyptian Tax Law

Tax rates under the new law are as follows:        Income annually  Tax rate    Up to 6,500 LE Tax exempt 6500 LE up to 30000 LE 10% LE 30000 up to LE 45000 15% LE 45000 up to 200000 20% LE 200000              22.5   In general, dividends distributed by corporations and partnerships, including […]


The Saudi Arabian General Investment Authority (SAGIA) recently introduced new online services, through which an Investor can apply for an investment license online. This will spare a lot of time, effort and cost for the Investor and expedite the acquisition of an investment license. One of SAGIA’s new services is the Special Track application process, […]

CLIENT ALERT: World Bank Conference on Islamic Finance

This month, the World Bank Group’s Global Islamic Finance Development Center (GIFDC) launched its Annual Symposium on Islamic Economics and Finance in Istanbul. Experts from all around the world discussed the role of Islamic finance in the global economy. It was aimed at promoting the exchange and advancement of ideas and reinforcing innovation in Islamic […]

CLIENT ALERT: The Egyptian Government comes down on corruption.

After two major scandals in Egypt in one week, the government has taken actions to curb corruption both inside and outside the public sector. First the public prosecutor has moved to investigate the alleged embezzlement of former Agriculture Minister Salah El-Din Mahmoud. Second, the Egyptian government is actively responding to the robbery of dozens of […]


UAE Company Law Changes

CLIENT ALERT: Changes to the Companies Law in the UAE: In an attempt to harmonize its legal framework with international norms, the UAE government issued Federal Law no. 2 of 2015 concerning Commercial Companies. Find out what this means for your business. CLIENT ALERT: UAE Introduces New Commercial Companies Law In an attempt to harmonize […]