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The Renewable Energy Investment Dilemma in Egypt

In 2014, the Egyptian government reformed the energy sector legal framework through the New Electricity Law and the newly adopted feed-in-tariff (FiT) program, where the Egyptian government encourages renewable energy production of a total 4.3 gigawatts by the private sector and selling electricity to the government. This government initiative was to cover for the electricity […]

Email as a Form of Evidence in Egyptian Courts

Email is messages distributed by electronic means from one computer user to one or more recipients via a network. Emails may be used as documentary evidence that can be admitted in courts the same way as can other forms of documentary evidence. The reliability of email evidence will be subject to scrutiny. This can be […]

BITs; An Alternative Dispute Settlement Mechanism for Foreign Renewable Energy Investors in Egypt

A globalized and interconnected world has seen the emergence of bilateral investment treaties (BIT) between States. These agreements contain provisions aiming to protect private investment of a state in another state. Ever since the signature of the first BIT between Pakistan and Germany in 1959, many states have joined in the conclusion of these international […]

Currency Devaluation! What is next?

The Egyptian economy has been going through many turbulences. The government has been trying to adopt different mechanism and tools to fix the economy, from promises with mega projects and foreign investments, to asking for loans and introducing the Value Added Tax (VAT). The ongoing currency devaluation is estimated to be 40% since the beginning […]