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Construction & Infrastructure


Egypt has an intriguing history, culture and world renowned landmarks like the Pyramids that have captured global attention for years. For over 6,000 years, Egypt has used its infrastructure sector to drive the country forward. Today, it has committed to fueling economic growth with projects that are attracting huge global interest and investment.

In 1869, the Suez Canal elevated Egypt as an important world transportation hub to connect Africa and Asia to the rest of the world, making it much easier conduct business. Despite this, Egypt’s infrastructure is relatively underdeveloped right now. From transportation to housing, Egypt has ambitious plans to truly transform its infrastructure with several huge projects already signed and agreed upon, and many others in the pipeline. The Egyptian government has issued new laws to facilitate investments with attractive legal and fiscal frameworks, and to secure more involvement from around the globe.

We assist clients by safely implementing their investment through overcoming potential issues they face such as complex and opaque regulations.  We have experience in working with construction and infrastructure firms, particularly in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.  Our attorneys, assisted by our wide network of regional partners provide legal services to major international corporates investing in construction and infrastructure.